TNVOC Honorary Advisory Board

The TNVOC Honorary Advisory Board (HAB) is a group of talented, experienced, and influential individuals who are invited to provide ongoing advice and valued support to the TNVOC’s Governing Board of Directors.

The (HAB) may consist of exceptional former TNVOC Governing Board Members, Founders, Donors and others who wish to remain connected to the organization long-term. The (HAB) has no legal responsibilities to the TNVOC, which is the role of the Governing Board of Directors.

The (HAB) Members may reside anywhere in the United States of America. (HAB) Members serve one year terms, and are either re-appointed year-to-year, or term off at the end of the year.

Although, the (HAB) meets by scheduled teleconference calls twice a year in the months of June and December, (HAB) Members can provide input by written correspondence to the TNVOC Board President any time throughout the year.

At the December teleconference meeting call, (HAB) Members will express their desire to continue on the (HAB) and be re-appointed or term off. All appointments to the (HAB) are made by the TNVOC Governing Board President. By appointment to the (HAB), all (HAB) Members shall grant TNVOC the right to publish their name as a member of the TNVOC (HAB) on the TNVOC website, newsletters, social media activities, and on any other written correspondence of the TNVOC.