TNVOC Ambassador Partnership

TNVOC Ambassador Partnership

The TNVOC Ambassador Partnership Program is an innovative program with 3 different levels of benefits which include: Premier, Level-1, and Level-2. This National Ambassador Program allows Minority, Women, LGBT, and other diverse businesses to benefit from the value that TNVOC brings to Veteran Business Enterprises (VBEs) across the country on a daily basis, and supports collaborations with VBEs.

What’s in it for Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are privy to a “Concierge Level” of support that very few organizations have the infrastructure to provide. Ambassadors enjoy the rewards of making new contacts, strengthening relationships and accessing a wealth of information and resources afforded to TNVOC.

Ambassadors get the opportunity to interact with influential Partner Members and decision makers across the nation, thereby solidifying the bond between the members, corporations and buying agencies.Other benefits include having direct access to the interactive portal of Veteran Business Enterprises for potential partnerships and receiving exclusive private invitations to bid.

The biggest incentive for many Ambassadors will be receiving brand recognition. Brand recognition can lead to more connections, which intimately can lead to growth and success.

To learn more about the benefits of our “limited” Ambassador Partnership Program for Premier, Level-1, and Level-2, contact us at today!