Our Team

Jonathan Nimrod, President

Jonathan Nimrod has survived -- thrived – despite the obstacles in his way that has made his path most unexpected and unique.

Imagine his journey, from a war-torn childhood in a place so unthinkable few of us even can visualize, to Bentonville, Arkansas where from 2010 – 2017 Jonathan served as the Director of Supplier Diversity for the world’s largest retailer, Walmart.

As Walmart’s diversity ambassador, Jon served as the liaison leading to the company purchasing over twenty billion dollars of goods and services from women-owned businesses and thirty billion dollars from other minority business owners in the United States.

Jonathan has used his professional positions to save lives, sustain lives, and improvelives around the world. Working in higher education, as the VicePresident of Enrollment Management and Admissions for Lincoln Christian University before joining the corporate world, Jonathon empowered students toattain meaningful degrees and challenged them to impact their communities.

Both the head of a charitable organization and for the last seven years a leader for positive change inside of an entity often mischaracterized as unprogressive, Jonathon has been an in-demand public speaker on wide-ranging topics, among them including Human Resources (HR), Corporate Efficiency, The Impact of Greed, The Rewards of Giving, Diversity Hiring and Diversity Partnerships and Vendors.

Jonathan’s business rolodex, knowledge and reputation for creating success led a Venture Capital firm to recently recruit him; he is now part of a group putting together a billion dollar fund that, once off the ground, will fund and help diverse businesses grow and sustain.

He is a true world citizen, both an expert and an example of how one should live a professional and personal life (married, with three children). As he states, “I want to live a life filled with passion, love and meaningful commitment. I want tobe an active participant in life, not a detached spectator. I pray when I reach theend of my journey and look back, that my passage will have been relevant and my regrets few.”