Partner Membership


Benefits of Partner Membership with TNVOC

Recognition Of Your Support

TNVOC will publicly recognize your company as a Partner Member in our marketing materials including our print material, press releases, and

The Procurement Opportunities provided by you in our system will be published in our quarterly newsletter and nationwide press releases.

Providing Access to VOBs

Our goal is to ensure that your channel of VOBs continues to grow. You will be able to connect with our current and expanding database of VOBs all across the United States.

Creating Opportunities for You to Build Profitable Relationships with VOBs

As a Partner Member of TNVOC, your benefits include:

  • Access to TNVOC's growing database of VOBs as prospective vendors and suppliers, accessible online through our cloud-hosted portal. We will set up a secure username and password for you so that you and your staff can access it at your convenience.

  • Directly connecting with VOBs through our online portal, to facilitate the development of strategic alliances and relationship building between you, your buyers, and VOBs.

  • Screening VOBs and mitigating risk by matching your procurement requirements with VOB criteria including location, products and services, category, NAICS codes and more.

  • Assistance with identifying VOBs for potential procurement opportunities.

  • Opportunity to conduct webinar training which allows your organization to get in front of VOBs and partner entities to educate them on your organization needs, process for RFPs and more.

  • Outreach Services of TNVOC's team of experts with sourcing and communicating contract opportunities to VOBs. The TNVOC staff is available to assist you in identifying VOBs in a particular industry/geographical area or communicating your company’s opportunities and programs to VOBs.

  • Assistance with Matchmaker Meetings between our VOBs and your buyers on how to do business with your corporation. TNVOC would like to partner with you to organize opportunities for your buyers and/or your prime suppliers to meet and build relationships with our database of VOBs.

  • Board of Directors – A representative from your company may place their name on the ballot to be a member of our Board of Directors.

If you are interested in becoming a Partner Member, please fill the form below and a member of our staff will contact you shortly.