Veteran Employment Initiatives in the USA Today

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November 24, 2016
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Veteran Employment Initiatives in the USA Today

How does America’s Veteran Employment Initiatives compare with the rest of the world?

In the article below, the author explains that even though we have a long way to go we are still “light years ahead” compared to other countries in the world.

America is taking care of its’ soldiers with civilian career transition. Compared to other cultures, the US is light years ahead with help for career transition for the Military, and it is something to be proud of.

I recently returned from my world adventure travels, covering the South Island of New Zealand. As I met new people along my journey, I inquired about their military functions and specifically about their transition protocol. What I learned for the most part, was how advanced our US transition process actually is, compared to other nationalities. From talking to community, active duty and prior service members from Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Greece, Russia, Poland and several others…it was not long before their reaction regarding the transition topic was “Liz, the US does a much better job with transition than we do. We want to do more, but we are not there yet.”

It is not to say that other cultures do a poor job, but it is to say that that thus far, we as a country have been focusing much more on the transition, hiring and retention best practices that other regions. Their services have other focus items that are mission oriented.

Australia, for example, has a 5 day transition seminar with money grants and study assistance that can help with future employment, but it is dependent on those grants coming through for there to be progress. There is nothing that actually mandates a TAP like curriculum.

New Zealand has officials across branches that are volunteering to host seminars regarding transition, but there is not a national leadership effort to enforce this.

Greece has been working diligently to help with the corporate spousal program for soldiers, but has yet to breech the topic of transition overall.

From a corporate standpoint, the majority of cultures have yet to take the time to address how to properly recruit, hire or retain veterans at all. Those companies that span globally (think Coca-Cola for instance) make an effort to bring in forces and will recognize soldiers from other Nationalities……but nation-dependent organizations in majority of the world have not started this process.

I highlight this topic to showcase, that while we as a Nation still have a long way to go with helping our service members with reintegration….we are light-years ahead in terms of proactive nature and what has been done from a leadership standpoint.

We can always do more, but without a doubt…I felt proud to say that America was leading the way with helping America’s heroes find employment.

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